What if there was a repeatable method for identifying product
categories and market spaces, developing venture plans
for entering those spaces, and doing it with 90%
certainty of achieving the goals you determined?
What would that skill be worth?

Venture Plans With 90% Success

Two Lives

I'm Jack Campbell. Most people live one lifetime. I have lived two. Here is my LinkedIn page — have a look.

My first life was as a determined, ridiculously intelligent youngster, who saw everything, questioned everything, and put himself in an unimaginable series of farflung situations simply to be closer to learning something interesting about how the world works. I traveled the world for work and for adventure and participated in an unimaginable array of personal business situations.

My second life has been lived focusing on matching my unusual skill set to reality, and on leaving this world better off than I found it — by bringing to life a series of highly successful new product based ventures. During this period I have brought over $10 billion in new products to market for corporate employers and clients. I've since shifted to pursuing my own new ventures — applying the same set of principles to benefit myself, my family, and my investors.

Here's the situation.

I have an odd skill that nobody else seems to have: I can observe and understand ridiculously complex situations — markets, ecosystems, categories — and find optimizations that everybody else misses. I then do the work to develop detailed, step by step business plans to monetize those optimizations, often, crafting market-changing or even world-changing ventures in the process.

My ventures nearly always achieve planned performance.

Despite a once in a generation portfolio of new  product market successes, people still choke on my claim of generating startup plans that rarely fail to achieve planned performance. After all, over 80% of the portfolio ventures in the best VC firms fail to meet expectations. Right? How could some background guy you've never heard of from Tennessee actually invert that ratio, and produce ventures that exceed expectations around 90% of the time?

If I can actually do it, why am I not a billionaire by now?

The answer is human nature, and the reality that I cannot do anything alone. I need the participation of others. Building a significant venture is a team effort. And, since 1997, I have been trying every day to find the sort of next-level, open-minded people I need for my team — with very little success. Even so — the few deals that I've been able to make, with the compromised terms I've had to accept, and with the changes made to my plans by others, have still managed to sell over $10 billion.

We can do better. We can take one or more of my ventures to market as-planned, no compromises, no changes, and dwarf that number.

I'm looking for folks willing to give my "My ventures don't fail" claim a shot.

My Offer

I handle my ventures through a Venture Studio limited partnership, called ExtremeVC LP, based in the Nashville, Tennessee area. When I have completed the early development work and have a plan fully vetted, ready to ramp to market, I assign its rights to ExtremeVC. So, anybody invested into ExtremeVC with me reaps the rewards. Take a look there and see if anything sounds interesting.

Download a PDF resume here. See my full LinkedIn page here.

How To Reach Me

Reaching me is easy. You can call me or text me at 615 973-6070, or email me at jack@extremevc.com. Or, you can use the below web form.

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